Wednesday, May 2, 2012


We went on a RUN
The kids and I. 
And not just any RUN, but THE coLor RUN
In Irvine. 
Along an obsolete, or so it seemed, runway. 
A T-shaped path, presumably used to allow small charters to lift off and land. 
I'm not sure. 
But that didn't matter. 
Not on OUR day. 
On our coLorRUN day. 
We started out fresh and clean, running under the white balloon arch, heading toward our final destination - the arch made with a multitude of coLorful balloons. 
And in-between those two arches?
Glorious powdered coLor. 
Which was splattered on us. 
All over us.  
Yellow greeted us first, followed by green, and then blue
And as they mixed onto our clothes and onto our bodies, one coLor blended with the other. 
You know?  
Yellow and green make blue
And green and blue make purple. 
 And of course blue and yellow make green



After sprinting under the coLorful arch, we headed to the on the count of ten, throw your coLor into the air party. 
And throw we did. 
All kinds of coLor. 
Rainbow coLors. 
And Purple.

What a great time! 
A coLorful time! 
The kids and I had.

On the coLor RUN

Where we transformed into a human rainbow.

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