Wednesday, October 10, 2012

a boy

BlogFest2012 Photo Prompt: Today, you are asked, by me,  to look at the photo below, and think about what thoughts come to your mind. Write those thoughts down, for others to read, to experience.

A young boy, looks out at the ocean.

What is he thinking? Doing? Dreaming about? Hoping? Learning? Contemplating?

Is he feeling sad? Serene? Happy? Scared? Lonely?

Is he alone? With someone? A group? Family? Friends? Strangers?

Does he live there? Is he on a school field trip? Homeless? Visiting Grandparents? Or hanging out with his buddies for the day?

Is it a special day? His birthday? A holiday? A local, annual event? An every day?

Write a story, fiction or non. Write a personal tale, something you are reminded of. Write something factual, educational about what you see in the scene. Write anything you want.

Just write. And enjoy the process.

 A boy.
Looking out to sea.
He'd ever go back in.
Into the water.

He wants to.
He's scared.
When he was younger.
The ocean tried to swallow him up.
When he was just playing.
Splashing in the waves.

That boy.
Was pulled under.
Tossed around.
Until  finally.
He was spit back out.
By the teasing sea.

Since then.
The boy will not even allow.
The foaming waves.
To lap his toes.
Not at all. 
Not yet.


  1. Fabulous prompt......thank you. And so true of the boy in this sense...

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Gee... I'm so happy you liked the prompt. :)