Saturday, August 11, 2012


Rudy and I moved in together.
Nine months after we met.
We liked each other.
Simple as that.
We didn't over think what it would mean.
What people would say.
We just knew it was what we wanted to do.

So we did.

We moved in together.
Into a small, one bedroom apartment.
And thus, our life together began.

Rudy and I had been told by many who seemed to know.
That it was going to be difficult.
Different than just dating.


For whatever reason.
For us.
It wasn't.

Our relationship flowed smoothly.
From dating.
To living together.

One day.
After four months of sharing a living space.
While we were sitting on an ugly brown couch.
Rudy turned to me.
And asked if I'd like to marry him.
Why, yes, of course I would.
I answered.
In between bites of food.

He smiled.

And that was that.
We were engaged.

We celebrated with a small group of friends.
And a red hankie tucked into the back pocket of Rudy's Levi's.

Bringing laughter to the moment.
Laughter for a lifetime.

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