Friday, June 24, 2011

Early Mornings

I'm pretty sure most teachers feel like I do: I can't wait for summer vacation for the simple fact I get to sleep in, and move at a slow pace. No time schedule to adhere to. For me, this is one of the more important beauties of vacation time.

A dilemma: I have discovered that while here in Arkansas, if I want the car (or rather the able to handle all types of weather SUV) I needed to wake up (5am!), crawl out of blanketville and drive Rudy to work. I've embraced the job, wholeheartedly. I can't imagine spending my days locked within the confines of this small living space and only explore what is directly outside my door. I am in another state which means so much to see! So, while I am making Rudy's lunch I am mentally figuring out where Brad and I can travel for the afternoon. Today, it's the movie theater. Yes, I know, I know the movie theater is nothing new but it sure is exciting for an 11 year old. And hey, this movie theater is in AR not CA. So it makes perfect sense.

Let me say though, before the daily adventures begin, after driving up and down country roads (rather than the over-crowded freeways in the LA/Orange County areas), after I return home from dropping Rudy off, I go for a walk and/or run through the neighborhood. Nothing beats immersing oneself into the natural world. Birds chirp. Crickets strum. Squirrels scurry. Breezes blow. The sun shines and huge trees shade my path as my state of being relaxes (even though my legs are crying out for me to just stop, stop exercising!) there is nothing like early morning. Nothing.

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