Saturday, July 30, 2011

Brad's Big Green Friend

Big, Green
Kicking, Traveling, Rolling
Brad has a friend.

Ball bought for cheap
Rolls away from Brad
A picture fell off the wall.
Down the hill it rolls.
Such good friends
Brad sleeps with the ball during road trips.
Interesting, their friendship
Gyrating to music while kicking the ball
Going to take it home?
Repeatedly kicks; over and over against the couch
Excellent skills, maneuvering that big green orb
Energy inducing
New, a month ago
Fantastic partnership
Rarely apart
Irresistible, the green sphere is for a young boy.
Noise: smack, thump, smack, thump
DJ Brad and his big green ball; companions.


Huge, Circular
Bouncing, Hitting, Escaping
Globe, Orb, Boy, Youth
Jumping, Running, Throwing
Agile, Active


Loyal friend, always.
Big, green ball bounces freely.
Everywhere, Green goes.


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