Friday, July 1, 2011


"It's so great to have you both here. It's usually so quiet when I get home. I love this." Rudy made this statement as he hugged me, while looking in Brad's direction. Brad was sitting in his typical spot, on the couch; computer in front of him, TV on, drink nearby. He has mentioned on occasion how "Arkansas is OK; it just isn't California. The atmosphere is different." Cute, intelligent statement, I know; but he's serious. He misses his life, his friends, his room, his brother and sister.

Rudy sat on the love seat - the one matching Brad's couch - just to relax after a day 'on the job'; I sat on the big, fat, ugly, green recliner (kudos for comfort!) which is creatively positioned (by me!) near a side window and reading lamp. I was lazily browsing through the Cosmopolitan magazine I splurged on.

Brad was Facebooking, chatting, with a million people; (well, not really a million, but you know, it seemed like it) when I noticed he had my IPad2 in his hands. I heard him say "Yeah, okay, yeah..... Can you hear me?" Just as sudden I heard what sounded to be Liz's voice. "Is it working?" she asked. Next thing I know... There was her beautiful face, smiling at me. Skype-ing!

Rudy, Mr. Thinks New Technology Is Unnecessary Because His Dated Computer Is Just Fine, is actually amazed he can see Liz, see how pretty, healthy, and happy she looks. Then Dad mode hit. "Are you okay? Are you taking care of yourself? How is work?.... Oh, there's Roberto! Hi Roberto! How are you?" We are happy to see Roberto's oh-so-handsome, smiling face. We updated them about what we were doing; they updated us. The mother in me even questioned the reason my glass-topped, family-photo-secured table was hidden under a pile of blankets! Liz immediately began folding them! LOL! ... I am loving this! Way to go Skype! Brad managed to pry the small, white IPad out of Rudy's hands. He was on a mission! A mission of giving Liz and Roberto a virtual tour of his summer home, from the balcony out back to the golf course out front. All I can say is.... Awesome! Awesome! Awesome!

We made a connection! After laughing and making funny faces at each other, Brad needed to speak privately with his big brother. He ran off to his room and closed the door. The comfort of knowing that even though Liz and Roberto are miles away; virtually, they are simply a click from there to here!

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