Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Boy and the Wads of Wet Paper Towels in the School Bathroom

He joyfully squeezed the soaking wet dispensed paper towel after he yanked it out from under the rushing water. In just a moment, that ball of slop would be splatted against a bland-colored wall in the boys' bathroom.

Oh the joy of doing something so fun. With three other boys. Boys who didn't follow the rules. Bored boys spending their recess in the restroom, messing up the place.

Splat! Two wads flattened and spit water, side-by-side, midway down the eggshell sheen. Cheers all around.

The next wad was aimed up; thrown at the semi-high ceiling.

Thud! Perfect shot. A few droplets fell back to the floor. But they didn't care. Just stood there, amazed at how easy it was to make a wad of wet paper towel stick. Stick and stay put.

The mirror received a Wham! Then another. A third squished itself onto the smooth, shiny surface. Then he threw the final ball of from the facet goo. Water oozed down, distorting their reflection. So Cool!

Artists. That's what they were. So they thought. They left the facility with proud smiles on their faces.

Days passed. Dried wads were peeled away.

A few weeks later, the janitor had complained that the situation was getting out of hand. It seemed the wads of wet paper towels stuck everywhere was getting out of control.

Some kid was questioned. Accused of the crime. He said, "It wasn't me. It was him!"

"You! Here! Now!" yelled the custodian, tired of cleaning the stupidity of think they are so funny kids.

He walked slowly toward the angry adult. A bit teary-eyed. Sort of scared.

On that day, he was dressed so nicely. Had worn all black and even put on a tie. Made him look cool. Handsome. Different from all the other second graders.

He knew he was guilty; just not on that day.

The day he and those other rule-breakers made the mess, no one noticed; or at least didn't seem to care much.

Other boys made the new mess. But he didn't say anything. He took one for the team. He deserved it.

He was punished. Had to collect trash. Beautify the school during his lunch recess.


  1. Can you see into my sons world by chance?
    I can so relate to this...

    Beautifully written...


  2. Thanks Lucy. Boys will be boys... So the saying goes.

  3. We tossed wet clump of tissue against the restroom ceiling at blyth arena and grinned when the wads stuck. Very satisfying.

    I tagged you for the versatile blogger award. If you'd like to play, please pop on over and collect. If not, no worries. :)

  4. Gene. What's that? I will pop .... See what's up....