Monday, September 26, 2011

A Boy and The Hole in the Fence

Kicking the bouncy red ball during recess was so much fun. It was so obvious by the way all the kids laughed and shouted and jostled each other. All those seven-year-olds, taking a break from their second grade classroom.

"Oh, look what you did!" she suddenly screamed at him. There goes the fun. Time for the pointing fingers. Everyone blamed him.

The brand-spanking new ball was kicked hard enough and with perfect aim so that it slipped easily through the now-discovered hole in the schoolyard fence.

"Who cares?" he asked, not really meaning it to be a question. "I will get it."

He slipped his small stature through the opening, ran down the small plant-filled mound, to the edge of the sidewalk, grabbed the ball lickety-split, turned back, ran up the tiny hill, bent low, scraped his back on an exposed coated wire while rushing through the shouldn't be there hole, back onto the grassy field.

All those kids just watched the bravery of that kid. Cheered him on. Crowded around him upon his return. Patted him on the back. Laughed. The fun was back.

For a few minutes more.

"Riiiinnnnnngggg!" went the bell.

Time to line up for class. With the saved ball. That sphere was being tossed back and forth, from kid to kid, as they headed in.

Chairs were filled. Classwork began.

He was sitting quietly at his desk, writing. Following the outline the teacher had written on the whiteboard. All he had to do was copy what she wrote. Except for the blank lines. He had to think of his own words to put there. Something that made sense. He was working. Concentrating. Thoughtfully coming up with interesting ideas. Words.

The calmness of the classroom was unexpectedly interrupted by the loud buzz of the intercom announcing he was to go to the principal's office immediately.

Of course, all his peers knew what was up. But how?

He stood tall. Knowing he was most likely in trouble. He was a little nervous, but he was okay. He'd deal with it. Tell her the truth. What happened.

She appreciated his honesty. Still, she had to call his mom. Let her know what he did.

"Ha. Ha." some random kid yelled at him after school. "You got in trouble. I told the principal what you did!"

He just shrugged and walked away.

The kid shrugged, too. Walked in the opposite direction.


  1. Playground foibles. You caught their enthusiasm and change in energy well d!

  2. it truly happened at arbolita.... :D