Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Ellen. Heidi. Oprah. Sarah Jessica.

As she pulled open the glass door leading into the small, airy cafe she saw Sarah Jessica rounding the corner, walking elegantly in high heels. Walking towards her. She waved. Sarah waved back.

Their first meeting. Ever. She just wanted to meet the girl who asked all those questions about love, and then tried to answer them. Carrie Bradshaw. Fashionista. Shoe collector. Boyfriend seeking. Girl. Friend. To the girls. In New York City.

When she sits with her all she can think is how much Sarah seems to be like Carrie. Except that Sarah is a devoted wife, and is a mother. A real wife. Mother of three young children. She knows Sarah takes her role seriously, singing along with her children in her minivan, in only a way a mother will. Yet, when she walks down the street with that husband and those children of hers, she looks like Carrie. Confident, and demure. Lively, smiling for the camera but would like a bit of privacy. One woman. One a person, one a character. Both charming.

After their drawn out let's get together lunch, the two women hug goodbye. They are both excited to get together again soon with the other women. Beginning a new circle of friends. Good friends. Just like the bond Carrie has with the her gal-pals in NYC.

A few days later, she found herself in Burbank, California, walking into the back entrance of the popular talk show, Ellen. She was waiting for her. Ellen was. They had planned to just talk, over a cup of tea. And maybe some cookies. Talk. Get to know each other. To become friends. She was excited. Has always wanted to meet Ellen. Laugh with her. She thinks they have the same type of humor. Just random. Say whatever comes to mind. Simple, and so funny. Natural. She likes Ellen's personality. Her strength. Her determination. Her concern for others. She likes how Ellen thinks about other people. Helps them out. In a fun way. Ellen could become a very good friend of hers. She knows.

After a time is of no concern kick-back, and a new-found friend, both for real and in her rather large purse - yep, Ellen gave her a t-shirt with Ellen's smiling face plastered on it - she headed out into the sunset, happily anticipating the gathering with the other girls in a week or so.

Heidi is a gem. A confident knows she is beautiful and doesn't apologize for it because why should she. She is beautiful. Physically, for sure. Personality, definitely. Heidi loves her life. Her family. Her husband. Her children. She's tough, with a soft center. Sweet, but don't try to take advantage of her. She won't let you. Her ovarian dress fits her. Like a glove. And she loves it. Loves the attention. For Heidi, though, it does not come across as conceited, rather it is a happy with who she is attitude. She likes all that about Heidi. All that makes her likeable.

They met on a day full of clothes at her runway show. It's a project. She gets to tell people see ya when they no longer prove their worth. She got to watch Heidi. In action. She sweetly told the contestants "you are out!"; not aggressively, but tough enough so that no one would question the decision. Afterwards, she and Heidi went out to dinner. Talked about life. Being a mother. A wife. A woman trying to make her way. Happily. She enjoyed her deep-felt conversations with Heidi. She felt inspired. Joyful. "I will see you soon," she told Heidi, knowing they, too, would be meeting again, soon.

Oprah invited her to sit under her big, favorite tree in Santa Barbara. The breezy air billowed as they talked about what they knew for sure. How, if you really listen to someone, there is always something behind their behavior, good or bad. She patted Layla, Luke, and Gracie; and scratched their belly's while Oprah told her how you must always, always live an authentic life. "I know," she replied. "I am constantly striving to live as authentically as possible. Always."

As the hours passed, and the never-waning conversation continued, Oprah invited her inside for a light snack before their guests arrived.

As the evening began to wind down, there was a knock at the door. "I will get it," she told Oprah. "It must be the girls. A new group. New friends. People to feel comfortable around. To have good conversations with."

"I am sure it is them, suitcases in hand, ready for a night's stay," Oprah smiled.

She opened the large front door and there stood Ellen, Heidi, and Sarah Jessica. She hugged each one. Happy to see them again.

Oprah greeted them. Welcomed them into her home. "Tomorrow is going to be another day of building new friendships," she reported, raising her hands to the sky, voice deeply booming.

Her family practically shouted. Practically, is all. "We're home!"

She was jolted out of her daydream. Back to her reality. Her real life.


  1. GREAT read D! I enjoyed that drift through conversation with you quite nicely.

  2. :-) This was very cute.

    Fickle Cattle

  3. thank you K. and Fickle... thank you.... i seriously wish i would run into these women.. and have a moment or two.. just to talk about life...

  4. That was fun! I sorta felt like it was going to include me before the ending! :( Kidding, of course, but really enjoyed sharing your 'role models' with you and other than Sarah Jessica, I agree! Just not a fan of her. Sorry. But I am a fan of YOU. ♥

    1. really? you don't like sarah? i've seen her in interviews... i am impressed... and i think she's so cute!