Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Stairs. Santa Monica.

The Stairs in Santa Monica, CA, are the must-do workout for celebrities and the rest of us we live close enough folks.

The two sets of Stairs are nestled into a hillside; most likely structured simply to make it easier for residents living in the beautifully-built-huge-houses neighborhood to get from one street to another, rather than walking completely around the extended block.

Along with, it seems, a hundred or more other energetic let's do it! people I found a thank goodness for a small car parking spot. Grassy areas down the middle of the neighborhood's roads were ladened with ambitious men and women stretching, jumping, relaxing, slow breathing, talking. All in preparation for the ups and downs of The Stairs.

 One rise of stairs are WOODEN. These are wide, with the ability to pack in, maybe 5, maybe six, people sardined across its width. The rise between each step is not too high, making it easier  descending and ascending. It seems most people prefer the wooden steps.

I have heard, and read tales, of people toting strollers up and down these stairs - with kids in them! Say what?!, and people who just block the passage-way, taking a leisure-walk and stopping to chat with everyone - causing traffic jams right there on those steps!

Fortunately, for Liz and I, all went smoothly, even with a crowd of people. Everyone was there for the same purpose: to exercise; just do it, get it done.

Many people seem to prefer to loop. They run down one set of stairs, sprint down the street about a block or two, run up the other set, sprint down the parallel street, back to the set they began at, and start all over.

Liz is looping, on the lower street.

The other rise is made of CEMENT. These stairs are narrow, allowing maybe 3 people across. One step to the next is slightly steeper than the wooden structure.

Liz jogging upwards.

She had more energy than I did, powering up and down. She completed a set 4 times - which, if people's numbers are correct - that is an accummulation of  700 steps, or taking the stairs in a 15 story building! Whew!

She did one better than me, I completed 3 sets. I needed a walking break between the 2nd and 3rd try.

After defeating The Stairs we walked through the great view of the ocean neighborhood, walking west towards a paved path that would guide us for about 2 miles, to the pier.

Cliff-side, a view of Santa Monica Beach.

I settled for wearing my Arkansas University showing my pride sweats due to the fact that my all-time favorite workout pants, my Victoria Secret Boyfriend baggy sweats were unavailable for the day.

Comfort is my style. More so over fashion.
Working out is so easy when the view is breathtaking, beautiful.

We made it to the Santa Monica referenced in so many books and movies Pier.

Walking north, back to our destination. The car.

After 5 1/2 miles of stairs, walking, and sometimes jogging exercise we felt energized, yet plenty fatigued to want to get home.


Worth it!


  1. Oh what a journey, and just the way I like to climb those stairs of yours... through pictures!

  2. It looks like fine weather for such an energetic day. A great day out! x

  3. oh, K. it was a journey... a good one... and yes, mum, the weather was PERFECT - breezy, not too hot, not too cold....