Friday, October 28, 2011

A Bad Word In The Making

"Sh__" I said.
"__it." My friend finished the bad, bad word.

We were in the seventh grade.
Sitting on the ground.
Trying so hard to just say the word.
The whole word.
Yet, for some reason, we just couldn't manage to get the word out.
Neither of us.
Unable to say it.
Out loud.
The complete word.

"Sh__" She said.
"__it." I tagged.

We were just two normal girls.
Not prudish or nerdy.
Not look. at. me. type of girls.
Just normal.

"Okay. Let's just say it." Either she or I said.

"Sh__. __it." One of us tried.

We laughed at our inability to say the word.
Other kids did.
Like it was no big deal.

We spent our entire break-time testing ourselves.
Testing each other.
Wanting so bad to say the inappropriate word.
Just for us to hear ourselves actually say it.
In full.

"Sh__" I tried one last time.
"__it." My friend completed.

I'm not sure when either of us was ever finally able to say out loud, completely that specific profane word.

All I know is it sure didn't happen in seventh grade.


  1. So true! I remember that feeling...The way that 'bad words' hung in the air, never to be spoken aloud at that age, for fear of the consequences! I still rarely swear now, to be honest...and yet, this generation of kids ( mine included, haha) seem less in 'awe' of these words now - they don't have the same 'power' over kids anymore...Although my boys will be told off for saying them, haha! :o)

  2. i hear that. in the classroom, kids will say bad words... when i simply state, 'please don't use those words, they are not meant to be used here", many times they ask why?.. "it's a bad word"... "really?" they ask... they don't even realize some of the words they are saying are considered profanity... this generation is growing up with the use of these words everywhere.. as part of the music they hear, conversations they are having...