Monday, October 31, 2011

Snow White and Pinocchio

Snow White and Pinocchio are related. Brother and sister. Really, they are.

I witnessed them crawling in and out of their bunk bed. The one they share. Top to bottom. Bottom to top. They ran through the house. Laughing. Playing. Around. Circling the distance of the small framed house. Anticipating the evening ahead.

I saw them in their trademark clothing. Snow White in a yellowed-bottom-dark-blue-top-high-white-collar-top-of-her-head-red-bow-and-a-red-cape; and Pinocchio, wearing red-shorts-white-shirt-black-suspenders-and-a-pointy-yellow-hat-with-a-red-feather-sticking-out-the-top.

Snow White was holding Pinocchio's hand as they walked quickly down the street, in search of candy. Candy the neighbors passed out freely. Bags wide open. Smiles on everyone's faces. On Snow White's. On Pinoccchio's. On the green-nosed witch who stood in the doorway, holding a bowl-full of orange and black wrapped candy. Glorious candy.

I heard them. They wished all the givers a HAPPY HALLOWEEN! before they ran off to the next lit-up-with-jack-o-lanterns-and-other-spooky-decorated porches, knocking on heavy doors.

I watched them as not too long later they dumped all their sweet loot on the table, milling through it, picking their favorites to devour.

Snow White and Pinocchio fell asleep that evening. Exhausted. Snow White on the top bunk. Pinocchio on the bottom. Brother and sister. Each with a piece of candy in their hand.


  1. So cute. Happy belated Halloween.

  2. LOVE it!!! I wish my mind was extremely sharp and I could remember all the memories from my childhood. Working with kids it always makes me wonder what will they remember from their childhood?

  3. You have such a wonderful rhythmic quality to your prose. Love this post -Kelly

  4. Liz. This is your story. A wee child just having fun. Thank you paps, for reading. Thanks jo. Glad I can aaawwww you. And Kelly - cool, gene pool gave me a name! - thank you for the compliments.

  5. You have a wonderful way of telling just enough and doing it really well. Loved this!