Saturday, December 10, 2011

P.F. Chang's

Roberto just started a new job, as a server at P.F. Chang's in Irvine, California. The restaurant has been there for a while but they are refurbishing the place. Taking out the old. Bringing in the new.

"Hey, Mom, I was wondering if you'd like me to pen you in, to come to P.F. Chang's?" Roberto asked me.
"Really? I thought they didn't open until the 13th?" I questioned.
"Well, not officially, but they're having a family and friends weekend. You get to come in and try the food. Free of charge! It's a practice run before the grand opening on Tuesday. You game?" he inquired.
"Oh, yeah! Liz can't make it, but Brad and I will definitely show up."

A day or so later, Roberto confirmed our reservation, to enjoy some gourmet food. "Unfortunately, though, I was only able to make reservations for you on the day I do not work. Everyone else was quick to sign up their own families, so my choices were limited," he expressed.
"Oh, no problem. I would enjoy watching you in action, but I am sure Brad and I will be fine eating free upscale food without you being there," I smirked.

 A proud horse and Brad, near the entry.

Me, inside, in the waiting area, in front of the bar.


Fiesta Breeze Iced Tea

Chili Paste, Hot Mustard, Pot Sticker Sauce

Egg Drop Soup

Hot and Sour Soup

Shrimp and Bacon Okonomiyaki

Chicken Lettuce Wraps - partially eaten before the photo was taken. Opps!
Spicy Chicken

Balti Masala Chicken
Orange Peel Chicken being eaten by skeptical Brad.

Brad's cookie.

Hmm? I hope it doesn't involve girls.
My cookie.
 Rudy's birthday is a month from today. Interesting.


"So, how was it?" Roberto asked when we returned home. He was studying. Not school work, but menu options. Memorizing. Hoping to be a stand-up employee, providing customers with an optimal dining experience.
"Ah, great! We are so full. The server boxed up the food we didn't finish, to bring home," I said, holding up the meals.
"Awesome. Glad you liked it," he seriously said.
"I left them a pretty good tip. The service was great. People were friendly, and professional. Made sure we were satisfied," I embellished. "I also love the bathroom. Took some pictures."
"Mom, you crack me up. The bathroom? Pictures?"
"It's very pretty. I love pretty bathrooms," I said firmly, with a smile. "Oh, and Brad ate shrimp! Do you believe it? Shrimp!"
"Yeah, I did. It's sooooo good. Mom only ate one of the rolls. I ate the other five! So good," Brad added.

Roberto smiled at us both, then went back to studying.


  1. The food looked really good d~ :-) Nice post!

  2. Pf's owes you another free meal for this awesome review! LOL Now I'm hungry.

  3. We have a PF Changs in Memphis, but I've never photographed the bathroom.


  4. awesome food! and great looking bathroom, for sure! LOL

  5. chicken lettuce wraps....yum-o!!! :)

  6. What a great treat for you, I always check out the bathrooms as its an indicator of their hygiene standards...clean bathrooms...clean kitchen :)

  7. Oh how I wish I had an opportunity like that. I love PF Change. They even offer gluten free (facing which I sadly must eat) food soy sauce etc....that makes it one of few places I can go out to eat and that makes me love them even more.....Good luck Roberto on your new job!

  8. I love PF Chang as I find the Chinese food there is the closest I can find to Chinese food here.

  9. Also it is my sister who is hugging my daughter not me. I am in the black dress.

  10. Stephan and I will try to stop by sometime!
    😊❤ ~S