Tuesday, January 17, 2012

from the mouths of babes

Everyone has PET PEEVES, even the youth.

Rude people bother me.
Teachers that are mean bother me.
People who tattle bother me.

Slow freeways are no fun.

When my puppies rip apart my toys.
When I am hungry, and no one feeds me.

It's hard to get lead for my lead pencil.
When my brother tells me to feed his pet bunny.

I hate when my brother hits me.
When the baby cries all night long. I can't sleep.
I don't like it when the dog barks all night, too.

Boring books are so irritating.
I get mad when people get me in trouble.
When people are cuter than me. I hate that.

My pet peeve is going to the supermarket.

When my mom holds my hand when we cross the street. This bothers me.
I don't like when my mom doesn't buy me whatever I want.
I hate when my brother goes into my room.

My sister is my pet peeve.

I don't like when people lie. Or when they laugh at me.

When someone pulls my hair. That's irritating.
I don't like when my brother makes me clean up before I go out to play.
Another pet peeve? When my brother won't teach me how to play basketball.

Nugies. You know? A knuckle sandwich.
When my cousin climbs on my bed, and throws all my stuff off.

When people are loud, especially when I am trying to read.

I hate cleaning the bathroom.

When my sister goes into my room without permission. She makes a mess, and I have to clean it up.

Making my bed.

When people touch my hair.
When they step on my shoes.
When they carry me.
When they talk to me when I am trying to write.

I don't like it when people shush me.
I also don't like when my pencil doesn't work.

When boys check me out.

Flies are my pet peeve.They fly all around my face.

My closet. It's scary and crowded.

I don't like bad grades. They bother me.

When someone tells me what to do.
When someone wants to fight with me.
When someone tries to be bossy with me.
Those are my pet peeves.

When I am trying to work, and someone talks to me.

(Contribution for GBE2 - Pet Peeves.)


  1. "My closet. It's scary and crowded." Some people will inevitably think that's funny. It's really quite profound IMO.

    1. yes. jane. the girl who told me this said she is seriously afraid of her closet. she thinks something lives in there. :(

  2. Replies
    1. oh, believe me, it could have been much longer. kids really do have a lot to say!

  3. Oh my goodness these were great!
    when boys check me out stuck out to me.
    I remember that and how i hated it. Made me feel creepy I told my mom.

    What grade was this?

    1. the girl who said this is concerned about 1 boy in particular - he's in love, she's creeped out. (3rd graders)

  4. This is one of my favorites, love the ever changing perspectives!

    1. kids know what they know; that i have learned, for sure!

  5. The last one.

    Especially the last one.

    1. ah, trying to work, and someone keeps talking to you - that is probably a universal peeve.

  6. Awesome idea! They did very well. I do see a running theme here though, rooms are private...STAY OUT.

  7. for all of us, wouldn't you say, jo?

  8. Great job with this one! A lot of these are sure to get on the nerves of anyone at any age. Kids really do rock.

    1. i think kids are great, and need their voice heard... regularly... we assume they can't do things without us.. but, like you said, elizabeth, they rock!...

  9. I love a child's perspective.

  10. kids are so honest... so refreshing.

  11. Three kids and puppies. It is a miracle that you can live by half of these pet peeves :)

    1. well, bragon, fortunately these are my own kids thoughts... well, i haven't asked them, anyway...

  12. I liked the post Daphne. Thanks for sharing, I always look forward to reading and reflecting your words.


    1. thank you, sandy. thanks for taking the time to read.

  13. "I don't like when people lie. Or when they laugh at me."

    that's so true :-)

  14. Is this compiled from your class? It's a fun list to look at:-)

    1. yes, k, i did ask my students... this is what they came up with... very quickly, with no problem, i might add!

  15. Brilliant. Is this a personal list, or something you found online? As to closets... everyone knows the boogeyman lives there, right? *wink*

  16. hi gill. wow. thanks. not found online, rather i asked my group of third graders what their pet peeves are - they wished they had more time to write! - there was a lot more they wanted to shout out.

    my boogieman lived under the bed..... i'm pretty sure he found something else... i haven't seen him for years, and years. :)

  17. Great list! I also hate it when people are loud & i'm trying to read...or when they talk full stop when i'm trying to read grrr...don't they understand that the story is more important at that point in time lol :o)

    1. thanks pixie. i don't like when i am trying to do something, anything, and i am very focused and someone just wants to talk about mundane things.. not their fault.. just bad timing, is all.