Thursday, February 16, 2012

pen pals

I was presented a challenge.

So. I took it.

I'll make you a deal, friends and family back in the US: if you mail me a letter (current postage to Macau is 98 cents, but it goes up to $1.01 later this month), I'll mail you back a shiny new 10 MOP bill. If I can actually get any, that is. Which I hope I can. If I can only get one, it goes to Dragon Boy Nathan, and I'll send you something else dragon related from China. Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Well, how could I, a teacher of young kids - kids with an abundance of enthusiasm - pass up the opportunity for them to write to a California family living in Macau? To become their pen pals.

So write we did.

While browsing through the blogs I follow, I noticed Heather had - just the other day - posted Mail Call! and hoped it had something to do with the carefully written 3rd grade letters, designed specifically for her sons, Nathan and Benjamin.

It did.

Oh, joy! Were the students so happy when I read what she had posted about receiving such a special package from a group of children wanting to connect with a couple of boys in another continent.

Pen pals, at its finest.

I encourage anyone, and everyone, to check out:
Heather's blog @

She and her husband, and two boys live in Macau, China, having moved there from the U.S. of A.

Her blog is such a great way to see another part of the world that you may never experience. It sure is for me. Her detailed posts really give you a sense of what daily life it like for the four of them, and their new puppy, Lucy.

Please stop by, and visit.

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