Thursday, March 15, 2012


Jaron danced around the playground, oblivious of his surroundings. He sang. Loud. Sang a song he was making up as the words and ideas popped into his head. No one bothered him. No one cared. The other kids were used to his offbeat personality. Some rolled their eyes, some smiled, some laughed, and some, sometimes, stopped and asked him what he was doing.

In the classroom, Jaron sat in the front, near where the teacher stood. Mrs. Dunn wanted to make sure she had his full attention. Having him close by allowed her to simply tap his desk or shoulder to get him to focus. When asked if anyone had a story to tell, Jaron, as usual, raised his hand. He loved to tell stories, even though his tales were nonsensical. But, Jaron loved it when the kids laughed while he was drawing out his story. What he didn't realize was that their laughter was mostly due to his quirkiness, his odd behavior; yet, which made his funny stories even better.

If anyone tried to bother him, pick on him, bully him, his classmates would not allow it. No way. No how. The kids seemed to understand that Jaron was really just a normal kid that preferred to act out his emotions for the world to see. He didn't bother anyone, so why should anyone bother him.

One afternoon, while running on the grass, jerking his body up and down and back and forth, absentminded to his surrounding, Jaron stopped for a moment to catch his breath. He leaned over, placing his hands on his thighs gulping in air, and laughing about a funny memory he was recalling. When he was ready to jive to the music in his head again, he started walking backward, still laughing, and without knowing it, he had happened upon a group of kids who were deeply involved in a game of marbles. Jaron planted the heel of his shoe right on top of Walter's marble. Walter was a small, wiry kid who didn't take crap from anyone. Without any thought, Walter shoved Jaron, pushing him to the ground. Hard. Jaron's face dug up some grass and dirt as it hit the field.

Jaron seemed stunned. He seemed confused. As if he had no idea what had happened. Or even why. He slowly flipped his body over, sat up. Running his hands through his full-head of hair. His eyes looked mad, but his mouth was twisted up, into a crooked grin. Jaron didn't do anything. He just stared at Walter.

Suddenly, a kid from Jaron's class stomped over, having witnessed the shove from quite a distance away. "Dude! Walter! Don't you ever touch Jaron again!" he said. Then he helped Jaron up from the ground and walked with him back to the blacktop. "Thanks." Jaron said. And then he danced off, stomping his feet as he went, laughing and singing as if nothing ever happened.

(Contribution for WoW word prompt: Zany, adj. amusingly unconventional or idiosyncratic.)

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