Saturday, March 24, 2012

white elephant

She's in love with him.
And he's in love with her.
Though neither of them know it.
Know that the person they love.
Loves them too.

The thing is.
That neither he nor she.
Wants the other to know.
That each has fallen deeply.
In love.

Neither wants to scare the other away.
So she keeps quiet.
And so does he.

The big white elephant stands so tall.

Right between them.
Taking up the closeness they could feel.
If they'd just say the words.
To each other.
The three simple words.
That mean so much.

I love you she blurts out unexpectedly.
One day.
As they stood in the middle of a crowd.
A large crowd of people.
I love you too he tells her.
I have loved you forever and ever.

Tears spring from her eyes.
As he hugs her.

And the white elephant vanishes.
Into thin air.
No longer needed.
In the space between the two lovers.

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