Tuesday, April 3, 2012

c is for camaraderie

A-Z CHALLENGE (hosted by a variety of writers) : April's task is to write something, anything using the letters of the alphabet as an inspiration for each post. In honor of one of my favorite authors, I will use Sue Grafton's title set-up: C is for... D is for... E is for... (and so on.).

Tori and Leslie sit across from each other, eating lunch, catching up. They talk about everything that has happened in the two months since their last get together. The women gossip about the latest news they've heard, and about their married life; but, mostly they talk about their children, especially their twelfth grade daughters. Daughters who were born in the same month, same day, same year. Like twins. Yet, these two girls seemed to be polar opposites.

Tori: I am so excited! Abby will be competing in the Academic Decathlon! 
Leslie: Oh! Wow! That is so great! I have some good news, too! Tiff has been chosen as the prom queen!

Both women laugh. They know how Abby is an intellect, and that Tiff is a very serious socialite. During that first meeting in the hospital, while each new mom admired her own child, an unexpected friendship developed. And they discovered they lived within a mile of each other. And have been intercepting each others lives on a regular basis throughout the years.

Tori: I knew Tiff would win. She is the perfect girl to represent her school. She's so charming. A people's person. And beautiful, of course!
Leslie: She is ecstatic. She's been looking for the just right gown. And Abby? What a perfect choice. That girl has plenty of wit. Kudos to her! What does she have to do? And, as Tiff would say, what will she wear?

Again, both women laugh.

Tori: Oh, there will be ten scholastic competition events, including subjects such as math, science, economics, and literature. She will compete, as part of a team, with nine other kids from her school. Because of her high GPA, Abby will compete in the Honors level. 
Leslie: You must be so proud. 
Tori: You must be so proud, too.

Both women nod, smile brightly, and reach out, squeezing each others hand. Promising to get together again very soon, with the girls. To continue the bond Abby and Tiff also share. Just like their mothers.

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