Friday, April 6, 2012

f is for finagle

A-Z CHALLENGE (hosted by a variety of writers) : April's task is to write something, anything using the letters of the alphabet as an inspiration for each post. In honor of one of my favorite authors, I will use Sue Grafton's title set-up: F is for... G is for... H is for... (and so on.).

That boy knows how to get what he wants, when he puts his mind to it. Rather than taking the chance and simply asking for a laptop, he cleverly made a plan to first research all the reasons why buying him an expensive tool was worth the money his parents would have to fork over.

His birthday was soon. About a month away, but the idea was to talk up a storm about his need for the dream that swirls around inside his head. An Apple MacBook Pro. Just the name gave him the chills, excited him so. He woke up one morning stating, not asking, that the three of them needed to head to the local Best Buy, just for fun. Just for something to do. He's not sure if it was his determination, his strong voice, or what, but surprisingly both parents responded with an astounding sure, why not?

He headed his makers to the back of the store, talking up a storm, distracting them from looking at all the other cool gadgets along the way. They can do that later, he figured. He easily pried open the laptop's lid, its slick, smooth surface making his heart go pitter-patter. Ok. So this is it. This beautiful computer. This is what I want more than anything in the world. His mom smiled. His dad asked, Why? Ah, the perfect opening. He was ready to finagle. To cleverly convince his parents to swipe their plastic for this sign of the times tech tool. He used his big vocabulary words. That boy did.
His listed the pros and cons. Making the pros overshadow those nasty cons. But he knew that if he explained both sides of what the critics were saying, his parents were more likely to be impressed.

And anyway, he finished, the biggest con, really, is that you will also need to buy me a slipcover to carry it in. He grinned, a huge grin.
Okay. Sounds reasonable, his dad stated, impressed with his son's bold, straightforward strategy. His mom nodded in agreement.

They walked out of the store that day, that boy with a brand-spanking-new laptop wrapped in his arms. The corners of the streamlined box digging into his biceps.

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