Thursday, May 3, 2012


Martha and her husband worked hard for their money. Both saved every penny, anticipating the day they would buy themselves a brand new car. A reliable family car.

Now you see, it's not that Martha and Dave didn't have any money. They did. It's just that with all the normal bills they had to pay, both their paychecks had barely anything left at the end of each month.

That was until Martha learned she had inherited three quarters of a million dollars from her faraway aunt. For no reason, really. Just because, is all.

No longer were they concerned about a sturdy car. No. Instead, they purchased a snazzy little two-door convertible roadster, with a small back seat for their two wee kids. And then they bought the bigger house down the street, around the corner and filled it with fine furniture.

At first, life was grand. They invited all their trusted friends over to bask in their luxury. And handed over sums of money to those in need. For things they, too, wanted. Because in no way were Martha and Dave selfish. Times were good. And why not share the wealth? While they can. 

So they did. Share. Until they let their unearned wealth slip through their fingers. Without much thought about the need to save. For a rainy day. Which ultimately led to Martha and Dave ho humming about the small pile of chump change sitting before them. 

Just enough left to allow them to repurchase their original home, the smaller than small one, and buy the reliable family car they had always hoped for.

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