Tuesday, May 1, 2012

the wedge

We stood there. Together. Snuggling. Tightly. Watching. Breathing. Hanging on. To a moment. 

 I was bundled up warmly on that cool spring day, while Rudy dressed lightly. Even took his shoes off. Just so he could feel the moist sand between his toes. There. At the Wedge. At the end of the Balboa Peninsula. In Newport Beach, California. 

Rudy was visiting. 
For only four days. 
Taking time off from his job in Arkansas to return to his family. 
To me. 
And to breath in the ocean air. 
To soothe our minds. 

We held each other. Knowing our time together wasn't long. Just a drawn out weekend. Until he would have to leave. Us. Here. Without him.

I rested my hooded head on his shoulder, as he pulled me close. We stood for a while, just looking, out, into the ocean grey-blue.

Taking in the simplicity of life. 
Simply by being.

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