Monday, May 14, 2012

winding darkness

Rudy and I took a road trip north, along the Pacific coastline.
A coastline of ocean blue.

The drive took long. Longer than anticipated.
Because the winding road of PCH slowed us down.

Darkness was setting in.
When we unwittingly veered off the main thoroughfare onto a tree lined dark road.
And we drove until we felt threatened by the eerie silence.

Then, Rudy looped the car around.
Returning us to Pacific Coast Highway.
Re-energizing our enthusiasm, as he continued to drive north.

When suddenly, Rudy's eyes were blinded by bright lights.
In the rear-view mirror.
And, just as suddenly a small sporty vehicle sped passed.
Needing to get somewhere.

We watched it zoom ahead.
"Either a resident of this area, or an idiot," Rudy commented.

20 minutes later we happened upon the speeding roadster.
No longer speeding.
Instead, the front end had smashed, crashed into the side of road's cliff.

Another car approached, just as we did.
They stopped to help, and waved us along, as Rudy and I drove off.
Looking for a lit-up home, or a restaurant possibly tucked into the scenery.
To find a phone.
To call an ambulance.

Finally, what seemed like forever, we eventually heard an emergency vehicle approaching.
Its siren blaring.
Watched it race to the injured driver.
Leaving us in its wake.

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