Wednesday, May 16, 2012

zara basic

Liz and I decided, one day, to go out to eat. 
Just for fun. 
Nothing fancy. 
Just nice. 
So I ran into my room, pulled on some dark jeans, a topped with a cardigan ruffled t-shirt, my only pair of red Vans, and a low pulled-back ponytail. Simple, and cute. 

Liz walked into the living room, not long after me. Ready to go.

She was wearing dark skinny ankle jeans, an oversized - yet well fit t-shirt - topped with a perfectly buttoned sweater, a wrist decorated with bracelets, bangles, and more, and curled hair piled just right into a fashion-statement messy bun.

Leave it to Liz, though, to show me what style is all about. How a simple look can be pumped up. With a great pair of high-heeled Zara Basics.

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