Sunday, June 24, 2012

sue had a dream last night

Sue reluctantly agreed to go with her coworkers to the annual summer bash, celebrating another successful year. She met up with her pals at a nearby club, a few hours before they were expected to arrive to the hotel where the employee party was to be held.

After loosening up with a few drinks, their conversation turned into gossip. "Have you heard, that Marge is seeking her next conquest? That she told her girlfriend that their relationship was over?" Sue divulged.
"No?! Not again," Laura admonished. "Marge seemed so smitten, so in love. I was sure it would last!"
"Seriously! They couldn't seem to take their hands off each other!" Sally practically screamed.
"And the fact that she is older, in her 60's or something, you would think she'd be looking to settle down," Sue offered.

After their lively conversation, Sue and the girls walked down the block, and into a modern beach-front hotel, for a night of entertainment. They danced, they sang, they socialized, and mostly, they drank. Drink after wonderful drink from the open bar.

At some point, Sue happily told her pals that she was glad she decided to attend the evenings celebration.

The next morning, while still snuggled in the comfort of her cozy bed, thinking about the dream she just woke up from, Sue's cell phone rang.
"Oh, hey, Sue," Laura said, "I just wanted to make sure you made it home okay?"
"I guess so," Sue answered, " because I am here, in my favorite place - in my bed, in my apartment! OMG, Laura! I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamt that I did the nasty with Marge!"
Laura laughed. "Now that'd be classic. Sex with your aging boss! And you're not even into girls that way. Too funny!"
"The dream seemed so real! I mean, seriously, I even woke up with muscle pains down there!"
"Wow! You really do get involved in your dreams, don't you Sue?" Laura laughed so hard that she dropped her phone, and missed the gasp that Sue loudly exhaled.

Walking out of Sue's bathroom, directly in her line of sight, in front of her bed, was Marge, wrapping a fluffy-white-cotton-towel around her just washed hair.

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