Monday, July 2, 2012


Joey was in bed, trenched in sweat, moaning and groaning. It was early morning. Saturday morning to be exact. And, yet, ironically, Joey was excited for the day ahead. His friend's birthday party; a party full of fun, friends, and especially her. These were the things on his agenda. Places to be, people to see.

Fever all through the night.
Sun lights up the day time.

His body ached, his head hurt, his energy was low, he had no appetite, and his heart was pounding.

His mom and dad were watching him, curious. Wondering.

"Fever?" his dad whispered to his mom.
"Yep. The fever," she whispered back.
"Ooh!" he acknowledged.

Joey covered his head with his pillow, knowing, as usual, his parents were on to him.
They knew what ailed him.

need to go to the doctor
he was  

You give me fever when you put your arms around me, fever when you hold me tight.

(The Story Cabin prompt: Fever sung by Peggy Lee.)

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