Saturday, July 14, 2012

high roller

91 years old, and still living life.
Walking is difficult.
More than ever before.
But Mom.
She goes with her youngest child, my brother, to the healthest of health food stores.
She's helped, gently guided into the motorized scooter, by loving hands.

Mom rolls along, maneuvering in and out of the not necessarily convenient aisles.
My brother is in control of the movement knob.
He pushes it.
She glides either forward or back.
Depending on the situation.
Mom reaches for the foods she desires.

Or requests those that are out of her grasp.
Namely candy.
Especially licorice.
Black licorice.

The basket is filled.
To be taken back home to enjoy, as part of a breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
Or even, simply, as a snack.

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