Tuesday, July 17, 2012

i'm obsessed?

My kids seem to think so.
They think I've gone over the deep end.
That I've gone coo-coo.
(Not for coco-puffs.)
But for taking pictures.
Lots and lots of pictures.

Not me.
Not really.

It all started with blogging.
You write, you tell your readers something, anything, and you want to add a photo to the post, to give a visual of what it is you are talking about.
Well, that's what I was doing.
Just taking photos to coincide with my writings.

And conveniently so.
I mean really, I carry my iPhone everywhere I go.
And with a built-in camera making it easy to snap a shot here, one there, one anywhere.
I just created visual memories to last a lifetime.

If I'm obsessed, I'm going to blame the kids.
They're so hip.
So cool.
And they turned me on to photo apps.
Apps to download onto my phone.
I mean, seriously, once I got into altering, and recoloring, and blurring different photos, do you really think there is any going back?


So, now, when I am taking a photo of this or that.
I'm just giving it more style than the original shot.

The kids sneer.
Think I've gone too far.

I just grumble, lightly.
And tell them.
That photos capture a moment in time.
A moment that later will be shared. 

And really.
If I don't take these photos who will?
Who is taking a picture of the moment I am in.
No one else.
They are my moments.
And I want those moments.
I want to see them after that slice of life is gone.

So, no, I'm not obsessed.
I am simply a person who is taking pictures.
Pictures of the world I live in.
And happily sharing them with others.

1 comment:

  1. There are photo apps???? GASP!!

    Yes, I am uncool. However, I am not stupid. Will check this out as soon as possible!! LOL!