Friday, July 20, 2012

may i use your iPhone for the day?

Brad, who carries around an old phone, just a basic make or receive a call or simply text what's on your mind, nothing more, feels sort of left out of having a smart phone. Apparently, lots of youngsters now carry iPhones, or the like.

I get it. Sign of the times. And I'm guessing that the basic phone is quickly becoming obsolete, and that the only options will be to: 1. not buy your kid a phone, or step up to the plate, and 2. purchase the smart phone.  

Personally, I have found the cell phone a valuable tool for Brad, in that I can keep tabs on his whereabouts. Unlike when I was a kid, I could have been gone from the house all day, and my parents had no way to check in. (Not only were there no cell phones back then, but we didn't have a house phone, either.)

But, in the meantime, due to contract restraints, Brad's wish for the latest and greatest has been put on hold. Which is fine. Because his basic phone gets the job done.

Except, apparently, not today. Today he needed a smart phone. Namely my iPhone. Because today he was going to Knott's Berry Farm. With friends.

"Hey, Mom, can I borrow your phone today?" he wondered.
"My phone? Why? What's up?" I answered, with three questions of my own.
"You know. Just while I'm at Knott's," Brad smiled slyly. 
"I don't get it. You'll be going on rides. And, anyway, what about your phone?" I looked him in the eyes.

He looked down at his feet. As if trying to figure out the right wording for his request.
I waited.

"Well," he began, "I need your phone so I can play games while waiting in line, for the rides."
"Seriously?" I said.
"Yeah, you know? Just something to do while I wait," he stated, not sure if it made sense to me.
"What happened to good 'ol fashion talking to the person you are in line with?"
"They all play games. That's what everyone does," he answered.
"Ah, well," I started. "No. You will just have play verbal games, and actually talk to your friends. Sorry."
"Alright," Brad said, knowing he had no other option.

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