Thursday, July 12, 2012

off the grid

A lot of people had been speculating as to the real reason Beth was taking a month long sabbatical. She'd been telling everyone that she had plans to take a roadtrip with Hubby. A roadtrip to anywhere. And really, truly, she did have plans to travel with him. Simple as that.

Out of necessity, though, they did need to tell a slight fib. Or maybe it was a big one. You see, Beth had mentioned Sometimes you have to step away from something in order to see it clearly and truly appreciate its beauty... the hope that it will improve my perspective, renew my appreciation, and reset my balance. 

After weeks, months even, of deep thinking, Beth and Hubby had decided the best way to regain perspective was to think like a kid. So instead of a road trip to nowhere in particular, they decided to step away. They booked a flight to California to  use their imagination, like kids. Mature adults stopping to smell the roses, you might say. Simply. And carefree. Without interruption, from anyone.

After a three and a half hour flight from Chicago, Beth and Hubby landed in Orange County,  CA, touching down at the John Wayne Airport. After gathering their luggage from the carousel, they picked up their prepaid rental car and headed south to the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, where they stayed for the month of July.

After an early dinner, they sauntered down to the shore and watched a group of kids, kids of all ages, create the biggest sand castle ever seen. Beth and Hubby joyfully grabbed some nearby colorful, plastic buckets and shovels and spent the rest of the evening just having fun. Enjoying their long lost youth.

Their days were filled with relaxation. They lounged on the sand, and walked along the streets of Laguna's quaint beach town, oggling over the smallest things.

Days passed, balancing them, improving their perspective.

The morning of their departure, they felt renewed, in many ways. They had regained their lightness of thought, to not forget what it important in life. Simplicity. Joy. And togetherness. They stood on the balcony, breathing in the fresh ocean air, cherishing a quiet moment together and, excited to reunite with family.

Not long after, Hubby reached into the closet, to grab their luggage, preparing for their return to Chicago. "Honey?" he called to Beth. She looked into the closet, and together they pulled the forgotten case from the back. They looked at each other, then busted out laughing. When they managed to come to their senses, Hubby began to unzip the small luggage. Beth placed her hand on top of his, helping to open the case. They each held up a costume they had planned for a night or two, maybe three or more nights, of adult fun. And again they bellied-over with laughter. Hubby placed the Johnny Depp outfit he was supposed to wear on the bed, and Beth placed Hubby's fantasy girl right next to Johnny.

"You're my only fantasy," Beth told Hubby, hugging him tight.
"And, you are mine," Hubby announced, clinching her waist.

Then they grabbed their things and walked contently out the door, leaving Johnny and the girl on the bed.

(contribution for GBE2 prompt: What is Beth really doing?)

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  1. Awesome! I totally love this. Exactly something that could happen and parts of it might have! Well done.