Sunday, December 30, 2012

weathering the weather

As Rudy drove down the highway, towards home, I mentally noted that the day's light was close to disappearing and I still hadn't accomplished my self-imposed daily run. I was in the passenger seat, chomping on some square-shaped marshmallows that were smothered with dark-chocolate, when I wondered aloud if I should pass on exercising for the evening. Don't go, is was Rudy said. It's cold out, and late. I took another marshmallow out of the enticing package and silently agreed.

After Rudy parked the SUV in front of the duplex, as I walked through the front door, ready to grab a cup of coffee, and some ginger crisp cookies, I found myself, not feeling guilty for not wanting to exert myself, but rather determined to meet my own expectations of running up and down the hills and valleys in Rudy's neck-of-the-woods. Right then I knew that the coffee and cookies would have to wait. The weather, or the time of day, would not deter me from my much needed, fast heart-beating, healthy feeling regimen. Since my arrival the wind has blown, the temperatures have dropped, and the snow has fallen; and still, daily, I have pulled on two different long-sleeved thermals, a striped beanie covered by my much-loved hoodie, black velour sweats, and laced-up running shoes. I knew on this would rather be lazy evening that I had to follow suit, or I would feel disappointed for not attaining a simple goal I had set for myself. 

You're going out? Rudy wondered. I smiled, and told him I'd be back before darkness fell. 

Outside, in the chilled air, I started with a slow jog, down a narrow road, following its curves as it rounded around winter trees, heading north. I sprinted across a barren golf-course, through the Ozark neighborhood, curving once again in a southern direction, running back towards Rudy's place. 

I walked into the house, breathlessly stating I'm back. Rudy greeted me with a smile

After a hot shower, I found coffee and cookies waiting. I sat, relaxed, and felt empowered by staying true to my personal commitment of exercising daily while on vacation in Arkansas, regardless of the weather.


  1. ok. Guilt has settled in. Been sitting on my ass this holiday...and eating more than marshmallows.

  2. Sounds like the voices in my head every morning! Good thing my husband spurs me on or I would stay in from the cold!