Saturday, January 19, 2013

not so distant

Rudy and I live thousands of miles apart, yet we are not distant.

Bradford and I recently visited Rudy in Arkansas, living as if no time had ever passed between us. We experienced each day as if we did not live apart. Not once did any of us feel we had to make up for lost time. We simply lived. Talked. Loved. And laughed. All without feeling the pressure to perform. Pressure to do this or that, go here or there, just because our time together was limited.

The appreciation for each other strengthens daily. We don't take anything for granted. Especially not each other. We understand the value of our relationship, and how important it is to stay connected, on all levels.

Many have questioned our situation, have wondered how we have managed to hold our relationship together. I have always responded that we are committed to making it work by maintaining a positive attitude during our seemingly dire situation. That no matter what, deep down, Rudy and I are meant to be together. Soul mates? someone may ask. Yes. Sure. Of course. But, more than that, we just truly like each other, and want to continue to grow together.

A few weeks after our visit, while back in California, I was watching an emotionally charged show about a not so young, not so old couple. I witnessed the sadness that transpired when the man's wife died in his arms. And then, suddenly, out of nowhere, I thought about Rudy and me. I imaginatively put us in the characters' place. Rudy was the man looking down at his wife as a lifetime passed before his eyes. In that moment I was feeling their emotions, their bond, their care and concern for one another, and the deep love they shared. I smiled, with tears in my eyes, knowing, that in real life, in real-time, Rudy and I are living the life of those characters, even at a distant.


  1. I love your writing and your blog. My final husband was long distance from day one and I felt the love that emanates from your words. Unfortunately it wasn't mutual and to this day, one year later, I still miss him, even though our times together were sporadic. Love your writing.

  2. Thank you, Lee, for taking the time to read and share a piece of your story....