Monday, January 10, 2011

Food. Food. Food.

Rudy has been preparing lots and lots of food to freeze (on his birthday, no doubt!) so that we will have many days before we miss his meals. You see, he's been the chef around here - I give him the title of chef because he did attend culinary school for a year, where he learned not only how to make the best rice around, hands down, he also has perfected the baking of fresh bread; not to mentioned salsa, spaghetti sauce, seared vegetables, tortillas, beans.... oh, my the list is endless.

Intertwined in those moments of preparing our future meals he has also been teaching me how to make this and that: seared and braised beef, mashed potatoes (using real potatoes that need to be peeled), fresh from the oven french bread, and both sticky and other regional rice. The thing is, I have never enjoyed cooking. Eating is fun only when the food is within arms length; otherwise, I am content with eating a prepackaged granola bar and drinking a hot cup of tea.

I have one more day in the classroom, then it's off for our adventure, driving cross country to find Rudy's new home ready and waiting for him. After a road trip lasting approximately 2-3 days we will spend a day and a half together in Arkansas, exploring the sites and figuring out where his best options are. Then, I will hop on a plane to return to Orange County, CA, leaving Rudy to fend for himself in his new place, working at a new job.

I will return to three children, and the responsibility of running the house (I can do it!) plus working full-time. Rudy and I will correspond via cell phones, email, and if I can get him to join, Facebook. It's anyone's guess how this road will be traveled (no pun intended). All I can think about is why this decision of ours is the right one, for us.

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