Saturday, January 8, 2011

Preparing For The Move

We live a comfortable life-style in sunny southern California, so why? you might wonder would my husband, and only my husband - no wife and kids in tow - agree to move to almost three days away by car, 3 hours by plane Arkansas.

He got a job, of course. Yep, he got a job....... he got a job!

You may be wondering why I am so exciting about Rudy getting a job three quarters of the way across the country, but I tell you... after years, three to be exact of him hunting for something, anything (after being laid off from an industry that he had honed his dyeing skills in - specifically having the ability to decipher various shades of color with the naked eye), and finding NOTHING, a job in Arkansas seems perfect.

During his stay-at-home dad days, he even completed a year of culinary school, (another great skill of his), hoping to work in the restaurant industry. Oddly enough, Rudy kept encountering the same line, "We are looking for someone with experience."

Okay, so... how is someone supposed to gain experience without a job gaining experience?

Catch 22!

The time had come for him to begin looking for work outside of CA, the idea being to open up his options. Within months the opportunity presented itself. Rudy will now be analyzing color with a company that will quickly appreciate his talents.

Me. I am a teacher who is not ready to leave the stable lifestyle and necessary income that we have come to depend on over the past several years. Our kids, two college-aged and a middle-schooler, prefer the consistency of home.

We are all one, the 5 of us.

The road trip begins Wednesday, January 12, 2011.

Rudy and I will drive from California to Arkansas, hopefully within two and one-half days, where our adventure takes a new turn.

Enjoy the ride! 

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  1. And so it begins! I did wonder why you were living together, apart, and now I know. Do you think you will make the move eventually? Or will he come back? Thanks for joining the Weekend Rewind x