Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ah, Parenting

"Mom, will you come with me when I move into the dorms, when I leave for college?" Brad asked me this question as he was observing parents carrying luggage and pillows up the stairs, into the massive buildings, in anticipation of 'letting go', helping their children start a new chapter in their young lives. We were inside the campus bookstore at the University of Arkansas, browsing, when Brad's thoughts meandered to his own future.

I remember when I first became a mother. I was young! Yet, I was ready. 23 years later, Elizabeth is a year and a half away from the age I was when she was born. Roberto calmly joined us three years later; and finally Bradford - a whopping 8 years following! Definitely planned, planned, and planned! I've embraced motherhood. I was meant to guide (yes guide, not control!) these children of mine through life, helping them to comfortably learn new things. They have continually been presented with focused guidance, making sure peace, love, and happiness are being absorbed daily.

Elizabeth began at a very young age (year 3, to be exact) to ask very personal questions. You see, when a child is that young, she has no idea that her questions might be hard for mom and/or dad to answer. That was the beginning of my understanding of what a very important job I have been hired to undertake, no quitting allowed! Not only was I supposed to help the kids develop good morals and values, and simply love them, I needed to be there (individually, and as a group) emotionally.

I honestly feel Elizabeth opened me up, way back when she innocently, yet inquisitively, asked "Where do babies come from?" She taught me, in that moment, what kind of parent I was going to adhere to; neither of us realized how great the relationship between me and my three youngsters would develop over the years. I simply listen, openly. In the end my kids like having me around, like my company.

So, when Brad asked me if I'd be with him, I knew he asked because he likes me. "Of course," I stated. "Good," he returned. "Because I want you to help me."

Ah, parenting.


  1. It's me. Some are saying it's hard to comment. Testing. Testing. 1. 2. 3.

  2. :D you're a great mom. Love this

  3. I hope I can reflect on my parenting when my kids are older and see that I have done a good job. Right now it seems like a slog and my cranky pants are on all the time but I love them. I love them more than anything and I know they know that. Thanks for Rewinding and sharing this warm post x

  4. You are SO lucky. I hope my kids love me like that. :)