Wednesday, June 29, 2011


When Rudy and I first arrived in Arkansas after our two day road trip from California, we noticed that many of the townships included the suffix ville. There's Bentonville, Fayetteville, Jacksonville, Russellville, Berryville, and [I'm thinking there are probably quite a few more]....

....BUT, what I didn't realize when we first walked through the front door of Rudy's home away from home is that within weeks after leaving him to fend for himself the namesake for his place would also adopt the add-on ville!

WIRE-ville, to be specific.

Rudy's place is a fully furnished 2-bedroom, 2-bath everything in its place rental.

Upon my return months later, the first thing I noticed was that Rudy had reverted to his old wire-happy ways.

He doesn't mind the pile of wires jumbled messily onto the floor in front of the TV. Or, I guess, the group of wires cascading down the bookshelf is no problem either. Oh, and the wires dangling in various directions behind the TV are quite the sight!

Brad has joined the fun by adding his wire-necessary gadgets into - who knew? - open, available sockets!

When I asked, "What's with the wires everywhere?" they both, simultaneously, answered, "What's the problem?"


As I sit here and the wires sit there, trying to irritate me it's. not. working. all I know is that soon I will be back home, in a house where all necessary wires have been neatly tacked into corners and discreetly camouflaged along floorboards.

Hidden! That's what they are.

They are out of site, out of mind.



  1. Look at what you have saved him from when you married him. A bachelor's life of exposed wires! Thanks for Rewinding danneromero :-)

  2. What is it with men and exposed wires? My hubby is the same, I had to nag and nag for him to do something about the wires that were showing everywhere when we set up house in our current home. He eventually got to simply shoving them behind the TV/computer etc in a big ugly pile. But at least they couldn't be seen anymore.
    Visiting from the rewind.

  3. We are a wire-free household. Tucked away, out of sight.

    Visiting via the Rewind.