Saturday, July 23, 2011

Road Trip! To New Orleans!

Friday. A usual morning; another day. Rudy left for work at his usual 6:30am time. I sat in the quiet of the morning, contemplating; anticipating a oh look at the beautiful countryside, ooo... aaahhh... this is so fun long day ahead.

While Brad slept, a deep-had-a-hard-day-like-a-kid-should sleep I gathered our things; packed them into two small backpacks and set them by the front door. Snacks and drinks were piled both into a beat-up cardboard box and a newly purchased Igloo - standard blue and white - ice chest.

45 minutes before Rudy's return at 10:30am - half day, woooo! - sleepyhead was gently coaxed to WAKE UP!

The three of us, comfortably situated in the truck, began our 10 hour trek from Arkansas to Louisianna.

Uneventful.... Well, except for the fact that Elizabeth - she had reservations to fly in, to meet up with us, in New Orleans for the weekend - showed up to LAX, all excited, ready to grab a piece of the action, discovered her flight had been cancelled. She nixed the idea to fly in the following morning; after an all-nighter in Houston -a layover - then flying in to LA; she'd probably go coo-coo with exhaustion, and there would be no time for rest in this party town!

As we drove along the seemingly forever stretch of road, the view was a worthy friend. Seeing the livelihood and lifestyle of others makes the world such an interesting place, don't you think?

New Orleans!

We passed the Superdome on our way in, a sight to see for my two sports-minded companions. Directions brightly displayed on my electronic map directed us to follow a street down a few miles, turn right and up ahead we would find our hotel, our home for a few days. Turn we did, and wham! - this town is nowhere near sleeping! The noise of the people is louder than the honking horns of all the cars everywhere!

Being newbies, all three of us, to lively New Orleans, we found ourselves circling, circling, and more circling amongst all the pandemonium, simply trying to figure out where to park.

Thank goodness for cell phones!

A call to our Best Western looks pretty cool, nice architecture on the outside but our room was low-ceilinged and oddly shaped yet workable for us adventurous not much of a care in the world at the moment people put into perspective the trappings of parking. Pay for valet - can our budget handle it? - or go find your own spot. Valet works for us!

Once in the room, I found myself quietly contemplating if I am truly part of the 'getting up there' age bracket, or would it be because I am no fun? - if I'd rather stay in, shower, and just relax. At the moment, I am both those things.... I own those titles; for now.

"It's nice that they can spend this time alone; you know, bond... It's so beneficial for their relationship," I firmly told myself.

I'm liking the idea of some father/son time. Well, if it works to make me feel less guilty, I'm working it!

The boys excitedly left the room - they were ready to join the entertainment, to squeeze through the crowds, and take it all in.

I dozed off within minutes of their departure, waking only to unlatch the safety lock for them to get back in a several hours later. They seemed pumped.... I went back to sleep.

I woke up this morning to the bright, natural light shining down through a strategically placed thick plastic window directly above the bed.


Rain, softly sprinkling, tapping on the window - very odd.