Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Big Easy

First thing in the morning, as rain splattered on our unique window, the one above the lumpy king-sized wrinkled-linens bed, Rudy told me about last night. Brad was very impressed with Bourbon St. All the excitement; all the adult content was just way too interesting. "I wish I was 21!" he gleefully chirped, his voice, on occasion, changing, as it does with young boys. "I wish I could go into one of the night clubs... they look really fun!" Rudy laughed as he told me this; I did too, actually. Brad's mind is a little advanced for an 11 year old....

Rudy continued with the antics from the night before. He said that a random scantily clad, painted lady credit-carded! - thanks-for-the-term-Kaili - him; bluntly put, aggressively ran her hands up his bum (crack)! - like you would slide a credit card in a payment machine. He's pretty sure she was searching for a wallet and not really feeling him up.... "Yeah, that's got to be what her intentions were," I snickered.

Later, much later, as we are getting ready to head out for the evening, I told the boys to stay close to me; that it seemed they both might benefit from a chaperone! Young eyes and ears need protection as does the hind-side of one grown man!

Bourbon St. - in the dark of the night...
Ages, all. Alcohol. Bachelorette party. Balconies. Bands. Bare breasts - "I missed them?! Damn!" Beer. Big red cross. Bodies. Bride. Cleavage. Colorful plastic bead necklaces. Cop cars. Couples. Crowded. Drinking, continuously. Enticing. Ethnicity. Exotica. Fire, truck and men. Food. Friendly. Funeral, fake. Glasses, fluted. Groom. Half naked boys. Handsome. Happiness. High heels. Homelessness. Homosexuality. Horses. Huge silver cross. Intoxication. Jeans, below the hips. Kids. Laughter. Law enforcement. Leather. Lively. Magic. Make-up. Money. More-than-half naked girls. Music. Neon signs. Open. People, people, and more people. Performers, street. Pocket money. Pretty. Quiet, nowhere. Rain water. Realia. 'Relax - its only sex'. Screaming. Sexual. Short shorts. Short skirts. Shows. Singles. Souvenirs. Street signs. Street venders. Taxis. Under-age. Vehicles. Wedding party. Xanthippe. Yapping. Zoo, of sorts.

After about four and a half hours of walking around we headed back to the hotel. Happily, I can report that Rudy was not molested by anyone, in any way; and Brad acted as a young boy should. He kept his eyes on the prize; colorful beaded necklaces, that is. He will return home with quite a collection - 66 to be exact!

I guess having a female around really helped in keeping the evening under control.

Laugh. Laugh. Laugh.

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