Monday, July 25, 2011

Distance And The Expanding Heart

"Spending all this time with you has been awesome; something we should have always been doing. Going places, exploring; making memories," he said to her on the drive home from their mini vacation together.

A very poignant statement, she knows.

They've been together, married, for twenty-five years and it has taken a move to another state - quite a distance apart - for them to travel together.

She's not sure why; most likely just a symptom of the daily grind taking precedence over the we really should spend more quality time together and/or taking for granted we'll always be together, always have time scenarios.

She can see the emotion in his eyes; feel them in his touch; hear them in his voice.

Senses she freely embraces.

They choose not to talk about her departure, the day she will leave to return to their home without him.

What really matters is she is his wife, he is her husband.

The distance is impacting their love for each other; it is making their hearts grow stronger.

This solidifying bond does not surprise them. "It's who we are," they say in unison.

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