Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Good Squeeze

Daphne sits late at night; she's tired but doesn't feel like going to bed. She's thinking. Thinking about home. Their house. California.

She's remembering the moment they knew. Daphne and her husband knew as they walked through the front doorway, into the house that was for sell. All those years ago they knew this house, their first house, would be theirs forever.

No talking was needed. He squeezed her hand. Daphne squeezed his. It was a good squeeze. Their predetermined sign that said "Yep, love it!" without having to say it out loud; not out loud yet, anyway.

They were not exactly sure why this house produced the squeeze like no other house did but 'who cares', this was the house.

So, here Daphne sits, thinking about the house they both love; will keep forever - however long forever is. They don't need an upgrade; they found a place to take them through the years.

Oh, sure, the house needs a paint job, new landscaping, pool resurfacing and renovating, a more modern-remodeled bathroom, some new furniture - specifically a new big, fat denim couch and other TV watching comforts; and definitely, a garage door that actually works.

Still, they love this house; this house of theirs.

Daphne is lucky. She gets to return, and stay in this house they love so much.

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