Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Technology; And The Book

There she is enjoying the novel - the one she's reading; with all its murder and mystery. A page turner, for sure. Intense. Oh, but wait... what does that word mean? Well, a simple solution, really. Set the book aside, paged marked, grab the iPad and search its meaning... Cool... Oh, that's it... That's what the unknown word means.

Well... while she is on the web might as well check today's weather, the news, and maybe she can find some information about the insects, most likely cicadas, making all that noise outside her window each night.

It must have been an hour, or so, later when she was done searching.

There the thick paperback sits, waiting. Her eyes feel a bit fatigued so the book will need to wait; wait some more.

Just a quick rest will do the trick. She stretches out on the couch, the top of her head touching one arm rest, feet extended to the other.

Eyes rested, sort of. She knows that novel continues to wait for her attention. The story intrigues her. But....

What's this, on TV? Gene Simmons is going to propose to his for-ev-er girlfriend! A must see. Seriously, will the ultra-rocker at-long-last settle down, finally completely commit - with the mother of his children? No way! Project Runway -a marathon to promote the new season starting just days away - is on Lifetime, again?! Love the drama. Love the ideas. Love the designs, mostly. Watching!

Sorry book, you'll have to wait a bit more.

After a good I just want to sit here day, she takes a just do it walk - with phone in pocket, using an application that maps her route - and... during that stroll, of course, she takes pictures along the way; you know, a picture of that butterfly is an important memory she needs to document. Really.

Upon her return, after a shower, and a small meal she sits down with a much needed cup of tea and picks up the thriller novel, ready to resume.

Ring. Ring. Ring. Oh it's the phone. Her cell phone. Can't ignore the call. A very important person needs to chat with her; just to connect, to get some advice. Chat. Chat. Chat.

Call done.

Well, since she is holding the phone she might as well check any new messages and mail she may have received since the last time she checked, like 20 minutes ago! Oh yeah, and YouTube must have someone demonstrating any hints to get the most out of this phone... Interesting... Oh, that makes sense.

Whoa! She could watch and gather info, beneficial stuff, all day long; if she had nothing else to do.

Suddenly, she remembers - feels the heaviness of binded pages on her lap - that she just wanted to relax, drink her tea, and enjoy a good story.

She reads only a few pages. Her eyes feel so sore. Heavy.

She thinks the best thing now is to go to bed. The fictional story can wait until tomorrow.



  1. This is a familiar story in my own life!! So hard to get away from all distractions. Now when I want to read my book, I'll go to a park and leave the phone behind.

  2. Seriously, right? I love reading but find the distractions taking over more and more - like right now - :D