Sunday, August 28, 2011

Back To School Work

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year.

New things to learn. New friends to make. A new teacher to appreciate, or not. Tomorrow begins another year, another level of education. Tomorrow begins at 8am.

She is anticipating a classroom full of you're the best teacher in the world students. Students who will work hard. Improve their reading. Their writing. Their arithmetic. And everything else. Students who enter the 3rd grade, full of happiness, excitement, and energy. Tomorrow it all begins.

She knows tomorrow is the beginning of many days; many days for more opportunities to have a positive impact on the future. The children.

The children will learn patience, kindness, and peace. Patient children. Kind children. Peaceful children.

Tomorrow is the beginning of a new year.

She's ready, and she's feeling confident that her students are, too.


  1. Good luck in the first day of another school year! Third grade (pauses) a very influential time in children's lives. Hard to believe I met you the year prior to that.

    Best of luck on your first day, week... and another great year!

  2. wow, 2nd grade! ... seems soooo long ago. so long ago, indeed...