Saturday, August 27, 2011

How Do You Like My TEA-Shirt?

Brad was in the dressing room trying on various styles of back-to-school jeans and shorts, t-shirts and button-ups.

Me? I was browsing the aisles of clothing in that probably meant for the younger so hip crowd when what do you know... I found myself a t-shirt!

Okay, so t-shirts are one of my staple clothing items, a must have. I have quite a few, I must say. But, for me, too many is not enough.

Anyway, there I was, just waiting patiently while...

Brad slowly tried on some clothes, and I am most certain, spent even more time checking himself out in the small cubicle, looking at his reflection in the stuck on the wall mirror. Posing. This way. That way. Hand on chin. Cap pressing down Bieber-length hair. Looking chill.

I was waiting, not at a stand-still but rather in a wandering let's hurry up I just want to get this done with kind of way. Looking at stuff, but not very interested.

The circular rack was full of colorful cotton crew and v-neck tees. Some plain, most with graphics. I reached in, scanned quickly. No. No. No. Cute, but no. No. No. Oh, this is.... nope.

What's this? No way!

Some might say, my family actually, that I am obsessed with drinking hot cups of tea. I guess that would seem to be the case. I drink a cup or two, first thing in the morning. Then again, after a long day in the classroom. Weekends. Even more cups.

Not coffee, no way. Okay, maybe every once in a while.

Really, I wake up at least two hours before work so that I am able to after my other morning rituals lounge, on the couch, feet comfortably positioned on the ottoman, cup in hand. Drink. Slowly. Watch news updates. Sip. Catch up on the latest rerun recording of Grey's Anatomy. Drink. Until it's all gone. Same ritual once I walk into the front door, in the late afternoon.

I am not much of a fan of wearing items - clothes, shoes, purses, glasses, etc. - that displays the name of the brand look at me I'm so trendy all over the place. Naw. I don't need to advertise, unless it's my name. Even then, that's kind of weird.

Well, anyway, back the subject at hand... a decision was in order. Fortunately it was quick.

I got the t-shirt. The company who designed it, their name is all over the front. But I couldn't resist. I broke down.

I bought the TEA- shirt.

I just hope it fits... perfectly. I was so overjoyed I forgot to see how it looks on my t-shirt loving torso.

Love it!... nonetheless.