Wednesday, August 24, 2011


As I was driving to work this morning I heard the talk/music radio host, Ryan Seacrest, or was it what's her name say it was going to be hot today. 85 degrees, or maybe it was 95.

Yeah, sure, that's definitely hot, but when you've spent your summer in an overly heated and just as humid state outside of good 'ol California, 85-95 is not hot enough.

I mean, seriously, today I was wearing a sweater most of the day....

Okay, well, that's just an all-weather love the feel quirk of mine; but still....

Well, later in the day, while my son attended to his biweekly soccer practice I decided to take a walk, or maybe she'll run in the hilly neighborhood - behind the middle school, where the team was kicking around a gold and purple official pro-status ball.

As I ran down, then walked up the not so slippery slopes I felt a cool breeze along with the heat of the sun's rays. I was hot, no doubt about that, but the light wind helped to deflect my discomfort.

I am telling you, it didn't compare to the weather in Arkansas. In Arkansas there was absolutely no breeze, only heated heat.

I haven't complained about the weather since my return to I HEART California. It's just not quite hot enough to earn a complaint from this knows-better person.

After my much needed workout, my face was not looking like one of my favorite candies fiery red hot tamales. Nor was I drenched, looking as though I took a stroll through someone's sprinklers.

Nope. I was hot. Heated. And, you bet, uncomfortable with a sweaty brow. But not compared to what I endured in that southern state, over there. More to the East. Away from us Westerners.

Strangely, I miss the challenge of pushing myself in the heat of Northwestern Arkansas. The powerful feeling of accomplishing something I had nothing else to do daily.

Ironically, here in Orange County, I find it easy not to engage in strenuous exercise. Not sure why. Some kind of oh, I've just got so many other things to do vibe, or simply a developing bad habit?

Whatever it is, I say bring on the heat. I can handle it.

I can, really.

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