Tuesday, August 23, 2011


A wee baby brother was born. A first time big brother was happy.

Two generations. Two separate lives. Two boys. Brothers.


roberto, age 8; brad, newborn

When his "thanks for having him" brother was brought home for the first time Roberto said, "you can call him Baby Boy, instead of me, since he is the baby now."

Brad was almost 3 months old when he expressed extreme adoration toward his big brother. Roberto would sing all the time and so happily and talk to his baby brother. 

Every time he saw Roberto he'd 'jump for joy'. Big smile on his face. Brad was obviously fascinated. Stared at Roberto like he was some kind of wonderful creature. An understandable fascination, Mom knows.

brad, 3 months; roberto 8 years

"I love to hold you, Bradford, so much. You're so cute...," Eight year old Roberto told him, just because.

roberto, 8 yrs; brad, about 3 weeks

Roberto would bounce Brad on his knee. Brad would just laugh and laugh.

Roberto felt pretty mature when he was the one to first witness Brad's in-his-crib-grab-the-wooden-bars-stand-himself-up...  at 7months.

Giving his brother a bath... "fun, sort of hard, and slippery."

roberto, age 8; baby boy, about 2 weeks + 4 days

roberto, 2 months shy of age 9; brad, approx. 6 1/2 mos.

Life traveled along. Boys grew. Learned new things. Lived in their own worlds. Yet, they also shared activities, together. Brothers.

As they were leaving for the evening to see a movie, X-MEN, Mom snapped a quick picture. A picture of two brothers. Brothers spending time together.

Brothers who are also friends.

brad, age 12; roberto, age 20

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