Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Night The Family Went To Dinner, To Eat Greek Food

When Dad arrived in town, for a week, before he needed to return to work in Arkansas, Eldest Son stated, rather excitedly, "We are going, as a family, to the Greek kitchen where I work. It is appropriately named Kentro - pronounced Ken~throw - Greek Kitchen, meaning city center, where people like to gather."

"Sounds good," said Dad. "What day do you have off?"

Eldest Son smiled his big, happy smile and answered, "Sunday."

When Sunday evening arrived Family found themselves being driven by Daughter, in her white two-door VW Rabbit, going south, down Harbor Blvd., to the city of Fullerton. Music loud, lots of laughing, and the breezy California air made for the beginning of a family outing that would be part of remember when? conversations.

As Family walked into the modern-upbeat-airy establishment Eldest Son began explaining all the choices on the menu while sneaking in a smile, or two, and a wave or more, to his happy-to-see-him co-workers. Right at that moment Mom looked over to the side entrance door just as her younger brother walked in, to join them for dinner. "Hey, Uncle," Youngest Son and Daughter simultaneously blurted.

Order complete, they found a large enough bar-stool-sized-chairs-included table to relax at while awaiting their first got to try the food experience at Kentro.

Talking. Joking around. Laughing. Talking, and more talking. More joking. Laughing.

Calamari Saganaki 'for the table', enough for all to share, and Melitzanosalata, an eggplant spread, were served with bread.

Not long after the appetizers were demolished the Young Runners brought food, delicious food; its presentation watered the mouths of Family, and their taste buds did a happy dance. Dad and Uncle ordered fish, each a different kind. Mom and Youngest Son chose the Chicken Pita Sandwich; Mom's side being a light delectable Horiatiki salad, Youngest Son - not surprisingly - asked for their flavorful fries, Kentro Fries. Daughter also asked for a pita sandwich, but she preferred lamb. Family didn't want to leave without something sweet, a Greek sweet, so they all shared a bowl of Loukoumades, Greek beignets sprinkled with Attiki Honey, Karithi dust, and served with ice cream.

"Yum!" all around, for everything, the entire meal.

Throughout their time together, Family enjoyed a moment. Or two. And even more. Daughter exclaimed, "It has been a while since we have all been out to dinner together. This is so fun!"

"Right?" Eldest Son agreed.

Uncle nodded.

Dad smiled an I love you guys smile.

Youngest Son continued to shove fries in his mouth while bobbing his head up and down.

Mom looked around the table. Happiness filled her. She took it in, the moment.

This Greek night was a night the family went to dinner. To eat. To laugh. To talk. To live.

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