Sunday, August 21, 2011

To Party Or... NOT!

"I'm so nervous," she somewhat quietly said. "I hope everyone shows up and they have fun."

Her daughter was taking care of last minute preparations in antipation of surprising her boyfriend for his 23rd birthday.

Normally, she would stay to celebrate after helping her daughter to pull off the "surprise!"; instead, she was taking her young son to spend the night in a hotel.

While lounging on a Sleep Number bed she found herself wondering how it happened, for the first time, that she didn't stay home for a party.

Not much thinking. She knows it really boils down to the fact that everyone was most likely going to get smashed, except her and her too young son.

During past gatherings, she could count on her husband to be the center of ensuring everyone was having a good time. He would make sure people had enough to eat and a fresh cold one in hand. During the gathering she and her husband would keep an eye on their pre-teen son who would be running around with other kids, amidst all the adults. Mostly, though, her husband would take charge of the evening. She would find a family member or friend who didn't intoxicate themselves; spend the time chatting with them.

New time. New situation. Her husband is not here. Young adults had plans to live it up. She wasn't interested in participating. Not because she wasn't happy for her daughter's very-likable boyfriend's happy birthday to you party - but because the house was going to be full of young drinking-age-appropriate adults, alcohol, and ping pong balls.

Not her thing. Not a place for an "ah, Mom, please let me stay" boy.

She booked a room in nearby Downtown Whittier at the Radisson. Nice place. Comfortable. A stones-throw from a movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes, eateries, and small retail outlets for school clothes options.

She and her son found themselves walking at midnight, after the movie, along the paved sidewalk, back towards their lodging. Unusual to be out so late. But, oh-so thrilling! For both of them.

Room service in the morning. Unusual, and thrilling, too. Trimmed hair for a new year, then off to stock-up on must-have for the classroom supplies, and new check me out clothes.

"Yay! Everyone had a good time!" her daughter texted her.

"This is awesome!" her son blurted as he shuffled along the diamond-shaped carpeted room.

"I agree," she said, smiling.

Her decision to get away for the night was the right one.


  1. What a cool piece!! Ur so calm and it shows through ur writing. Good job!

  2. Thanks Melissa. Being calm helps me through the rough times. :-)