Thursday, August 18, 2011

Weighing In

I remember when I was in junior high school, I thought I was fat; fat compared to the popular girls, and most other girls, for that matter. Not sure why I felt like I did. All I know is that as a grown up, looking at there are so few of them pictures of me as a kid, I had it wrong. I looked normal. Even skinny, during those middle school years.

Okay, so that changed once I got to high school. Not such great eating habits were expanding my body.

I grew up as part of a large family. My sister was number one, followed by eight brothers. Then me. Number ten; girl number two. And finally, the youngest child of the family was born. Another boy.

I am the newborn in my mom's arms.

 Whenever my dad would return from the grocery store, I would want to eat whatever he brought home got to get my hands on those easy to serve myself foods. Namely, junk: sweet cereal, cookies, or ice cream, which were a rare treat, actually.  For me, maybe other siblings too, I felt I had to eat the food right then or else I probably would not get even a morsel later. Later, when I would most likely appreciate its flavor.

Large family. Lots of sharing.

Strangely, this habit eat! has had an impact on me throughout my life, even today. I will, on occasion, eat. Just eat. No, I'm not hungry or even craving it. I just eat the food before someone else does.

When Liz and Roberto were young, Brad too - years later - I would shop for all kinds of junk food to pack into their carefully chosen by them lunchboxes. They weren't complaining. Not one little bit. I stocked up on ding dongs, chips, cookies, twinkies, juice boxes, fruit roll-ups, full-of-sugar fruit cups, candy and more so there would be plenty for anyone, anytime. 

Very psychological stems from childhood, I know.

Like me as a physically changing almost teen, my three what's to eat kids developed bad for you food habits.

One day, I pulled open a drawer in the kitchen. Low level for easy access. I looked inside that filled-to-the tippy-top full of what am I thinking, surely not their health boxed-shape-slider and realized right then and there that it was time to stop living in my past. Food-wise, that is. Literally, I trashed every last chunk of badonkadonk enlarging junk food. Sorry kids.

Needless to say, healthy not all the time because it's so dang hard to stick to it habits have become a part of our daily life. I do not buy yum! food just because I can. I buy the fun food because we desire it at that moment. Mostly, though, I am now more inclined to think of tasty wow! this is pretty good choices. The kids are benefiting. So am I.

My hope is to instill a renewed idea about eating, eat what you want, just make mostly good choices; and portion control is so important. Liz has embraced yay for her! the healthy life-style. Still, it's definitely a work in progress, especially for two boys who just want to eat what they want; whenever, wherever.

Within all this teaching I must also insure that my kids feel confident with the weight they are. To look at themselves, and without comparing, know when they must pull away from the junk and when it will do them no harm.

"How do you feel?" I always ask, rather than "What's your number?"

Needless to say, Weighing in has been put on hold; the "I'm obsessed" scale has been put away. Hidden.

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