Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When The Talk Is Text; Long Distance

He texts. She texts. Sometimes a picture is sent, from him. Sometimes she sends him a picture. 

A technological relationship keeps them in touch.


Hi hny. had a good day? here is ok work going fine.
Good day for me....
i am going 2 make something 2 eat. U guys have a good evening n take care. love u
Love u too... have a good night.

son doing homework, good child
Love u. njoy ur day. peace
Peace. HEART
miss u
I miss you.. you, my friend
have a good walk u r my best friend
Love you rud... tight hug...
Babe good mrnng. have a good day love u
I need a mixer
Have fun shopping.
ok i will.... ja ja ja ja!!!!
Love u in the mrning love u in the aftrnn love u in the evnin ....

family sends their love
Right back at you... big HEART
Hola familia como ta le vu? love u n miss u muuuuchoooo.
Blieve it or not i just cleand the toilets n the shower.
Nothing like cleanliness... I'm proud of you!
its really cold out...
HEART you!
Oscar night! Woo
i know. i bet ur excitd about it! 4 u thats ur superbowl n fifa world cup combind ja ja ja ja!!! 
For sure
i am doing laundry. talk later
Love love love you
have a good day. rainy n windy
cold in arkansas

Chilly here this morning..
Gd mrng! vry cld but snny skies. love you mi amor! 
Been cold here too... xoxoxoxo
Hola!! como esta usted? boy do i miss u. love mi blondie
And I MISS you!!!!!!
Seriously... I love you tremdously... 
seriously i love u tremendously 2
i had an odd day feeling home sick....i just miss u and the kids.. it helps 2 know we r in ths 2gthr.
I hope you are taking care of yourself and maintaining a positive attitude. I am.
i am doing very well
We are at Universal Studios.
just got off jurassic park (ride)
having fun? i miss u guys
Miss you... having fun..
How are you rud? You seemed kind of down yesterday...
i am ok hon its just i couldnt stp thinkng of my sister n whts happening to her. i need 2 keep busy 2 get my mind off it...
I love you Rudy. I wish I was there. These are the times that are hard not being together.... Knowing she is loved and cared about will help her tremendously.
thanks babe. ur words r very soothing n warm. this is wht its all about being there even though we r not face 2 face it feels like we r. it says wht u n i r all about. my love and appreciation 4 u goes beyond the unthinkable and unimaginable. Tell my kids that i love them....

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