Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Volkswagen Beetle

My first bought it myself used car was a bright yellow Volkswagen Bug.

During that time, my young 11 year old niece, Denise,  hung out with me, a lot. I give her the credit for us spending time together; she would call, "Hi, Aunt Daphne. Is is okay if I come over, to hang out?" Well, of course it was! She was always a joy to have around, especially when cruising in such a cool can't miss it on the street car.

Older now, a mother herself, she stopped by recently to visit before Rudy had to return to Arkansas.

"I had a dream. I dreamt that I bought you a yellow bug, just like the one you used to have. I dropped it off in front of your place and drove away in another car, excited for you to find it." She went on to explain that there is a car for sell that resembles my past possession, near her home. She told her won't name him here husband that she would love to buy me the doesn't fit her budget car.

In my mind, I was thinking 'Oh, yea, how fun would that be!' Out loud, though, I said "I'll take it," so casually you'd think I wasn't serious.

I was driving my I love this car car when I met Rudy for the first time, and it was the car I drove when Denise, sitting in the passenger seat, met her future didn't know it yet uncle. The three of us took a ride to a nearby park, to feed the ducks in an over-sized pond. We sat together near the water's edge, just talking and laughing.

Little did she know that she played a very important role to my and Rudy's relationship. Not only did I get to observe his seems to feel comfortable interacting with a soon-to-be preteen - a most important observation, for sure, Denise was also my no way!-no how!-not now!-I'm not doing IT!-because I need to babysit! way to maintain abstinence.

Our very first, the first let's get to know one another date, I drove us, plus Denise, my nephew and two more squished in the back seat kids to Magic Mountain in the yep, it's mine Volkswagen Beetle. What a day! Rudy and I locked lips secretly we thought more times than I can remember and my niece would disrupt the moment by "ooooooooo"-ing or screaming "gross!" She'd laugh afterwards, I think, because she really did like Rudy. Liked having him around that day.

As my relationship with Rudy solidified so, too, did Denise's feelings for him. She has always thought of him as an extremely awesome person. She even sought him out on her wedding day, saved a dance for him, and proudly introduced him as Uncle Rudy.

The fact that a dream flowed through her taking a rest mind is a reminder of times past; of a fun time in a bright yellow Volkswagen Bug, and being introduced to someone having a positive impact on her life.

That yellow bug was part of my early history, when I hung out with Denise, and my developing relationship with Rudy. So should Denise's dream ever comes true, I say drop that memory off in front of my place, anytime.

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