Thursday, September 22, 2011


As January '08 approached, a year behind him, contract fullfilled, Rudy called from Honduras to say that he wanted to stay longer, work more, for the company that had hired him.

"What? Why? We were just talking about how great it was that you were going to be coming home. To stay. That we could be a together family again...." I went on and on.
"These guys. The guys that I have been working with want me to stay. To train them more. Say they have learned so much, but have so much more to learn." He stated definitely.
"I don't like the idea. It's time for you to come back. It's been difficult without you. Your support."
"I get it. I understand. But they need me here."
"They need you? What about us?"
"I'm not going to argue with you. I am just letting you know that I plan to stay a little longer. Maybe three months. Six months more." Rudy wasn't backing down.

I didn't know what else to say. There wasn't really anything I could do. He was there. I was here.


  1. Thats a tough one. Sometimes we just click on a job and time flys. The economic news can't help either. Next time you talk to Rudy sigh and tell him about a gorgrous pit bull puppy ...

  2. hi gene. yeah, tough. we are adjusting, have to...

    he'd take a six-pack over a pit bull! :D

  3. Sorry to hear that, It's hard when you think he will be back, look forward to his return, and then have it postponed. Hopefully it will be time well spent on both sides :-)